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Different things make different people happy.

For me, giddiness sets in when I find an amazing deal on a pair of shoes; I hear my children laugh uncontrollably over nothing or something silly; a phone conversation with a long distance friend you haven’t talked to in a while but it’s as if you spoke yesterday; crying over the beauty of Steel Magnolias and the beauty of friendships; a passionate kiss; a productive work day; and a blowout preceded by an amazing hair wash.

A blowout is the most affordable luxury a woman can give to herself and a big part of that is the hair wash.

When you get a blowout, the mundane task of washing your own hair suddenly becomes luxurious and so much more, like Fifty Shades more, but in a hair washing way.

You tell them how you like it. Your hair being washed. Soft and gentle or rough and scratchy. A gentle scalp massage or a tug on the roots. You are in control, it’s your time. Sit back and enjoy the feeling of someone else pampering you.

Most salons can give a good blowout. But to me, the attention is in the details. The hair wash, the scalp massage, the scratchy brush they run through your hair during the conditioning phase…

Try a blowout and you will not be dissatisfied. In the end, you’ll walk out with fabulous hair and a smile on your face.

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